Please note, the Lone Cone Campground and Hostel remains closed for the 2022 season


Ahousaht Stewardship - Economic Development - Business Development

Business & Investment Opportunities - Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society (MHSS) and the Ahous Business Corporation (ABC) were incorporated by the Ahousaht Hawiih, Chief & Council and advisors in 2012 to ensure that the Ahousaht Nation once again retained control over decisions for and about economic development in Ahousaht territories, and to ensure that all development activities:

  • Benefit the Ahousaht people collectively;
  • Respect and reflects Ahousaht cultural values;
  • Foster sustainable economic growth in the Ahousaht community; and
  • Subscribe to principles of good business and governance. 

The role of the Society is to exercise stewardship and sustainable management of Ahousaht territorial resources in a way that balances Ahousaht cultural values, ecological integrity, and the social and economic wellbeing of Ahousaht people.

Areas of business development

  • Renewable energy
  • Aquaculture
  • Eco tourism
  • Commercial retail services
  • Transportation
  • Project Management

Recent Activity Highlights

  • Opened Ahous Fuel Bar for diesel and gasoline, vehicle and marine sales in Maaqtusiis
  • Became the Park Operator for Maquinna Marine Park, otherwise known as Hot Springs Cove
  • Hired new Manager for Lone Cone Campground and Hostel
  • Received strategic planning funding through Island Coastal Economic Trust
  • Received a Canada 150 grant towards cultural knowledge preservation and interpretation
  • Implemented the Ahous Guardian program




Anna Atleo Assistant General Manager 

Ahous Business Corperation/Maaqtusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society. 

Office: 250-725-2169 




Board of Directors

Lewis George Maquinna. proxy Richard George 

Shawn Atleo A-in-chut.  proxy Tyson Atleo 

John Keitlha Tlaakiishwia

Nate Charlie

James Swan

Ron George