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Cermaq Canada and the Yaakswiis Site

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Dear Council Members and Ahousaht Citizens:

RE: Cermaq Canada and the Yaakswiis Site


It has come to the recent attention of the Hawiih that certain members of the Ahousaht

Nation have expressed their concerns regarding recent decisions by both DFO and the

Province of BC to issue a salmon net cage tenure to Cermaq for Yaakswiis (in Millar



The Chiefs want to assure the community that we have been studying these applications

for sometime and have recently recommitted to our efforts to seek sustainable solutions

for the salmon aquaculture industry operating within our collective Ha Hahoulthlee. To

this end we recently recommitted to a new 5 year protocol agreement with Cermaq

Canada (signed in Janaury 2015) that clearly outlines the process to be followed

regarding tenure applications including re-siting of existing farms that are operating in

what are referred to as “Pristine Areas”. One such site is the Dixon Pass site and we

have requested Cermaq to invoke the “replacement” provision within the Protocol

Agreement that will move the Dixon Farm to the recently tenured Yaakswiis site.

This is good news for the Dixon Bay ecosystem and fulfills a commitment that the Chiefs

had made to the Ahousaht community to remove the historically poorly sited Dixon site

to a preferred well flushed, biophysically more suitable site like Yaakswiis. More

importantly it also enables Cermaq to continue to live up to their corporate commitments

on sustainability and community partnership.


To set the record straight it is important for the community to realize that the Hawiiih

continue to be concerned about striking an ongoing balance between modern economic

development and traditional lifestyles and the principles of Hiistalktsawaak. As part of

this commitment we are also formally announcing plans to begin the business feasibility

for an on -shore aquaculture operation that could be sited at the private property held by

MHSS at Maatsquiaht. We believe this model operation could become the new face of

sustainable aquaculture in Clayoquot Sound. For more information please contact our

offices at 250-726-2169.


With care and respect,


on behalf A-in-chut and John Keitlah

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Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 2015