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Notification to Ahousaht Membership of Rant Point system replacement

Ahousaht Stewardship - Economic Development - Business Development

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To  Ahousaht membership regarding the Rant Point system replacement. 

"We are providing you with an update to our notification in February, regarding the upcoming infrastructure change at our Rant Point Facility, where we are retiring the current 14 cage catamaran and replacing it with a new 10 x 30m conventional cage array. 

We will be commencing the construction of this new cage array before the end of the month and have received permission from MFLNRO to construct and temporarily hold this new cage array on our Mussel Rock facility tenure until July 31st, 2016.  

This location has been chosen due to its close proximity to Rant Point and the shelter it provides from storms that would interfere with and potentially cause damage to an empty cage array. This cage array will be held in the bay at Mussel Rock tenure until July, when we will have more reliable weather to swap out the cage arrays at Rant Point and make any required changes to the anchoring.  

Should you have any questions regarding this change in infrastructure please contact James Costello, or myself for more information." 

James Costello | Cermaq Canada Ltd.
Community Liaison
Box 142, 61 4th St, VOR 2Z0 Tofino, Canada
Phone 250-725-1255
Fax 250-725-1250
Direct 2126 Mobile 250.266-0075

Thursday, Mar. 24th, 2016