ƛayaḥuʔał waaniiš suutił ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii

We welcome you to Ahousaht Territory

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ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii (Ahousaht territory) encompasses much of Clayoquot Sound, an ecological treasure stewarded by ʕaḥuusʔatḥ Haw’ił (hereditary Chiefs) and musčim (people) for generations.

Resource Stewardship

Economic Development

Ahousaht Stewardship Fund

In welcoming you to Ahousaht haḥuułii, we want to continue our ancestral responsibility to steward and monitor the lands and waters that support our people.

About MHSS

MHSS serves to exercise stewardship and sustainable management of ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii (territorial resources) in a way that balances Ahousaht cultural values, ecological integrity and the social and economic wellbeing of ʕaḥuusʔatḥ musčim.


Meet the newest additions to the MHSS team: Ayumi Nakamura and Gemma Macfarlane! Ayumi and Gemma have been brought on to support MHSS as Stewardship Biologists.

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