Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society (MHSS)

The Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society (MHSS) and the Ahous Business Corporation (ABC) were incorporated by the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ Ḥaw̓iiḥ, Elected Chief & Council and advisors in 2012 to ensure that the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ nation once again retained control over decisions regarding economic development within the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii, and to ensure that all development activities benefit the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ people collectively, respect and reflect ʕaḥuusʔatḥ values, foster sustainable economic growth within the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ community, and adhere to principles of good business and governance.

The role of MHSS is to exercise and invest in stewardship and the sustainable management of the resources of ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii in such a manner so as to balance Ahousaht cultural values, ecological integrity, and the social and economic wellbeing of the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ people.

Another primary objective is the management of ʕaḥuusʔatḥ’s OSR (Own Source Revenue), which minimizes the effect of the Government of Canada’s policy responsible for reducing the amount paid by the government to Indigenous Nations for their programs and services.

Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society is responsible for managing economic development – comprising all of the resources within the haḥuułii – for the benefit of the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ musčim. We commit to doing this in a manner that is open, transparent, equitable and accountable to all ʕaḥuusʔatḥ, while also holding true to our guiding principles as ʕaḥuusʔatḥ: Iisʔaḱstaƛ (respecting one another), Haaḥuupstaƛ (teaching one another), Ya?akstaƛ (caring for one another), and Huupiił’aƛ (helping one another).

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